Best Off-Road RV

Best Off-Road Camper

Finding the best off-road RV can be difficult. There are dozens if not hundreds of options on the market today.We have narrowed down our five favorite off-road campers.

Xplore RV X145

The Xplore RV X145 is an ideal Off-Road and Off Grid Camper for the camping enthusiast with a mid-size truck. At only 4,000lbs dry weight it fits easily into the tow capacities of trucks such as the Tacoma (6,400lbs rated) the Nissan Frontier (6,500lbs rated) and the Chevrolet Colorado (7,000-7,700 tow capacity). The Xplore X145 is an easy towing trailer at only 21ft long and a single axle. But, it’s not an actual axle. The Xplore X145 has the Australian Designed and Tested Cruisemaster Air Suspension system for the best in smooth riding while going off road. On the roof you’ll find 740 watts of Solar Panels charging up to 1080Ah of Expion360 Lithium Batteries. The most notable reason the Xplore trailers come first is their True 4 Season Camper abilities. The Xplore is rated for -40 Degrees all the way up to +120 degrees. With 3″ thick sidewalls and high density closed cell block foam insulation they are comfortable in even the most frigid temperatures. For the off road enthusiast who also wants a true 4 season camper the Xplore trailers are the most capable.

The X145 can be found at Colorado RV Dealers, Colorado RV Center is the first dealer to carry the Imperial Outdoors Products. Pricing for the X145 starts at $112,500.

Xplore RV X195

Like its smaller counterpart in the X145, the X195 shares many of the same features with more space inside and an extra set of tires on it. Stretched an additional 5 feet the X195 features a walk-around full bed, more cabinets, larger refrigerator and a larger dinette compared to the X145. The larger size also allows for more solar on the roof for a maximum of 1,240w of solar to charge the 1080AH of Expion360 Lithium Batteries. The Xplore X195 has the same 3 inch thick sidewalls with high density closed cell block foam insulation allowing the trailer to go down to -40 degrees or up to +120 degrees and still be comfortable. The Xplore X195, like the X145 features the Truma Combi Furnace Water Heat Combo and a Dometic 12 volt air conditioner to ensure you never need to be plugged in.

Xplore X195 campers can be found at Colorado RV Dealers. Colorado RV Center is your source for Imperial Outdoors campers. Pricing on the X195 starts at $124,995

Mission Overland Summit

The Mission Overland Summit has all the baseline luxuries you desire without sacrificing the camping experience you have been seeking out.

The Summit was designed for everyone and can handle a wide array of adventures, whether you are a family of four looking to scope out some National Parks, or a devoted overlander looking for some remote solo adventures. The Summit is a lightweight trailer towable by almost anything. At only 2,250lbs dry it is even towable by a Subaru Outback or a Toyota 4-Runner with ease. Featuring aluminum and composite material construction, the trailer is safe from mold and water damage. With Timbren axle independent suspension, the Summit is durable enough to handle tough roads, yet light enough that a small SUV can pull it. Featuring ample indoor space and a large outdoor kitchen the Summit provides all of the amenities to make your camping trip great. A Small Overland Trailer with so much to offer.

Pricing for the Mission Overland Summit Small Overland Trailer starts at $44,900

Palomino Pause Interlude XC20.2

This Overland Camper is made for self-reliant travel to the most remote destinations where the journey is the ultimate goal. In a culture that is striving for stillness and silence, that’s where the name “Pause” derives.

Pause is introduced with an industry changing LCI Air Suspension system allowing ample ground clearance when traveling down the road, automatic leveling at the push of a button, a Solar and Battery Package that will allow you to camp off the beaten path for extended periods of time, and it’s all Controlled by a Sophisticated Garmin system acting as the brains of the whole camper. With features including standard Composite walls, flooring, and roof, you will not have to worry about taking the pass less traveled. Enjoy time spent in the great outdoors with Pause for your next camping venture. The Pause Interlude XC 20.2 is all about getting outside. With sleeping and bathing inside, the kitchen is located on the exterior and is possibly one of the largest outdoor kitchens in the industry.

Pricing on the Pause XC 20.2 Starts at $117,000 at Colorado RV Center

Palomino Pause Interlude XC20.3

The Pause 20.3 takes the many luxury and technological features from the Pause 20.3 and relocates the large kitchen inside while still providing a sliding kitchen on the exterior of the camper. With Automatic Leveling LCI Air Suspension, Garmin electronics controlling the entire camper, storage everywhere and windows everywhere the XC20.3 is truly a game changer in the Overland Camper World.

Pricing on the Pause XC 20.3 starts at $138,000 at Colorado RV Center

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